Columbus, OH 43228


Unleash The Power Of Multimedia


operates with a eye of precision, a heart to inspire

and a passion for creativity.

We’re a full-service digital agency with a focus on current consumer behavior in a constant evolving digital world. We are thrilled to partner with clients and help their business goals with high quality multimedia creation ( video production, photography, web & graphic design), content marketing & creation, brand strategy, and creative planning. With several years of experience working in the music business we also offer artist services in brand management and development in all aspects of an artist career.


As our slogan implies, “Put Your Vision InTo Motion.” We strive to deliver a message to encourage you to put action behind your vision. It is awesome to have a great idea, goal or plan; however, it is merely a dream and will not manifest without action. We are on a mission to instruct, motivate, and inspire you through our content to take that idea, plan or goal of yours and pursue it with boldness!

Company Overview

DYN MultiMedia Group is a brand with a strong focus on empowerment, quality, creativity, inspiration, and lifestyle. With a passion to create for others we also have a passion to create original content based around our core values that will connect and appeal to a global audience.


As a functional full service umbrella brand, we also produce and release original music through our music division DYN Audio Media. The rights to the music from our recording artists are managed through the in house publishing company, Honor The Music Publishing.


DYNMMG operates with a eye of precision, a heart to inspire and a passion for creativity. We feel that it is a part of our purpose to motivate others, share our expertise and exercise our creative ability to help you achieve your desired results. We are dedicated to produce quality content to keep you engaged for your viewing pleasure and to give you the confidence to launch your project with us.