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Snoop Dogg & LBC Movement

Put Your Vision Into Motion


LBC Movement

Brand Design & Setup


Increase community efforts promoting a peaceful collaboration.


The LBC Movement was created by Snoop Dogg to bring together new talent and to promote unity in Long Beach, California. With the help of Doggy Style Records A&R Young Sagg the LBC Movement was formed. DYN Multimedia teamed up with the project to assist with the setup in the initial stages and to create the digital graphics for merchandising and content. LBC Movement has been featured on BET’s Music Moguls with Snoop Dogg and major media outlets.


∴ Account Services

⇒ Business Structure and Setup

⇒ Document Overview

⇒ Web Design

⇒ Digital/Graphic Design

⇒ Content Creation

⇒ Merchandising



LBC Movement media, content and e-commerce site to purchase merchandise.


We designed the official concert merchandise to be sold in venue and online.